DonadonSDD TCD rupture discs

Model TCD
Materials Stainless steel
Membrane PTFE, PFA
Dimensions DN 2"(50) – DN 2"1/2(65) – DN 3"(80)
Rupture pressure from 3 to 5 bar g
Tolerance +/- 5 %
Operating temperature up to 265 °C
Operating margin up to 80%
Vacuum support Available
Fragmentation No (membrane only)
Use under valve Yes
Corrosion resistance Good - can be protected with a PTFE membrane
Linings Yes
Container Directly mounted
Rupture sensor Electrical, Magnetic, Inductive, Optical
PED Certification [CE STAMP] Available
ATEX EX II 2 GD Certification Available

DonadonSDD TCD rupture discs are composite discs formed by four parts:

  • a slotted, perforated metal part
  • a seal membrane (usually in PTFE but also available in many other metallic or non-metallic materials)
  • a protection section
  • a calibration ring
  • This disc has been designed especially to be mounted on road or rail tankers containing liquids and gas in static, cycling and pulsating conditions.

TCD discs react to excessive pressure with total opening in a few milliseconds. They are therefore recommended for valve protection. Supports may be provided for vacuum or counter-pressure protection