DonadonSDD SCR rupture discs

Model SCR
Materials Stainless steel, Alloy 201, Alloy 400, Alloy 600, Alloy 625, Alloy C276, Titanium
Dimensions DN 1”(25) – DN 36”(900)
Rupture pressure 0,41 bar g (6 psi g)- 137 bar g (2000 psi g) (depending on material and diameter)
KRg 0.48
Tolerance from +/- 5 % to +/- 20%
Operating temperature From – 196°C up to 480°C
Operating margin 90% - Able to reach 95% depending on the conditions of service
Fragmentation No
Use under valve Yes
Corrosion resistance Very good
Linings Yes
Container HR/A, HR/P, HR/F, HTC
Rupture sensor Electrical, Magnetic, Inductive, Optical
ASME Certification [UD STAMP] Available
PED Certification [CE STAMP] Available
ATEX EX II 2 GD Certification Available

DonadonSDD SCR Rupture discs obtained with NS Nanoscored technology are compression or reverse discs with micro-scored calibrated sections opening in petals, characterised by the presence of 4, 6 or more radial scoring.

This allows for better opening reducing the risk of petal detachment.

This makes DonadonSDD SCR rupture discs suitable both at high and at low bursting pressure and can be used only with gas and liquids (with the presence of a special gas cushion) also in cycling and pulsating conditions without reduction of safety margins.

SCR discs react to excessive pressure in a few milliseconds without fragmentation.

They are especially suited for protection of pressure relief valves.

DonadonSDD SCR Nanoscored rupture discs allow for a ratio between operating and bursting pressure up to 95% and have a very good resistance to corrosion. Corrosion resistance may be additionally improved with PTFE lining. In addition, SCR discs can be subject to absolute vacuum conditions without need for supports.