DonadonSDD NAM 03/HT rupture indicators

Model NAM 03/HT
Storage temperature From -40°C to +200°C in accordance with ATEX certification
Material in contact with process fluid Same as disc and disc holder
Max switching voltage 60 VDC
Max switching current 0,4 A
Cable 2 x 0.2 mm2,ø 3.4 mm, 200°C, Class C2
Degree of protection IP 67
Rupture disk DCD, DIF, LPD, SCD, SCR, Y90, KRD

Donadon magnetic NAM 03/HT rupture indicators are recommended for use with our rupture discs.
The NAM 03/HT indicator is composed of:

  • a magnetic proximity type sensor installed in the corresponding threaded housing downstream in the rupture disc holder to detect opening
  • a target with a permanent magnet supplied with the disc

When the disc opens the magnet is displaced and the sensor activates. Replacement discs are supplied with a new target.
NAM 03/HT is an intrinsic safety device certified

  • ATEX II 2GD Ex mb II T4/T6

Ex tD A21 IP67 T135°C/T85°C

  • ATEX II 1GD Ex ia IIB T3/T6

Ex iaD 20 T200°C/T85°C

It can therefore may be used in locations where potentially explosive atmospheres are continually present (classified zones 0, 20 and 1, 21 and 2, 22 according to European Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX)).
NAM 03/HT is normally supplied with 2 metres of bipolar cable. The cables of the alarm system must be connected to the plant’s safety system through an adequate safety barrier.

  • Ex ia barrier --> zone 0; 20; 1; 21; 2; 22
  • Ex ib barrier --> zone 1; 21; 2; 22