When a rupture disc breaks, immediate action is required. Rupture indicators allow for immediate notification of a safety device's opening.

Industrial plants where rupture discs are installed are often developed over very large areas. This makes it impractical, or even impossible, to constantly have a human monitoring of every installed rupture disc, and thus leads to the situation where when a pressure spike causes one of the discs to rupture, identification of which one it may be is delayed, and this may cause further delay in taking necessary action.

DonadonSDD's sensors, or rupture indicators, are the immediate solution to this issue. Built to be suitable even for the most complex operating situations and extreme environments, these devices generate an immediate electrical signal in the moment when the rupture disc (or explosion venting panel) they are linked to is broken: such signal may activate a siren, light up a visible alarm, or cause a total arrest of the plant, according to the designer's decisions.

We offer our customers four types of rupture indicators, according to their needs:

  • ELECTRIC – the classical model, which can be installed even at a later time than the disc;
  • MAGNETIC – mounted externally, so as to be reusable;
  • INDUCTIVE – specifically developed for counterpressure plants;
  • OPTIC FIBRE – created to work even with ultra-low pressure rupture discs


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