DonadonSDD HI/A and HR/A disc holders

Type HI/A HR/A
Dimensions From ½”(15) to 40”(1000)
Accessories Nipples, T connectors, excess flow valve, pressure gauge

DonadonSDD disc holders are designed in order to ensure maximum reliability to DonadonSDD rupture discs.

Disc holders designed to be mounted between flanges such as HI/A and HR/A have:

  • an internal diameter sized in order to allow full opening of the disc and total transmission on the minimal discharge area
  • an external tangent diameter to the bolts in order to facilitate centring between flanges

Standard DonadonSDD disc holder materials: Carbon steel, Stainless steel (316L), Alloy 201, Alloy 400, Alloy 600, Alloy C276. Special executions are available in Titanium or Tantalum or with PTFE or glass fibre reinforced PTFE lining.
DonadonSDD disc holders are also provided with two stainless steel assembly plates.

Reverse acting (or compression) discs, like for example models SCR, Y90 and KRD, are installed in HR/A holders sized in order to protect the dome of the disc and allow correct opening of the disc.