Special materials, shapes, and thicknesses for all the toughest applications

A field like that of burst disks sees both such commonplace needs that they justify the existence of standard product lines and such specific situations (whether because of available space, of required pressures, or for the nature of the fluids being processed, for example) that only custom-developed products may manage them in the best possible way.

The Special Executions line of rupture discs by DonadonSDD includes all of these special, tailor-made products, as created by our internal research and development team to exactly match the specific requirements of your industrial plant. A few examples?

  • discs and disk holders with a protective fluoropolymeric covering
  • disc holders in charged PTFE
  • pre-tightened disc holders for quick installation
  • discs and disc holders in special metals and alloys, for particular applications and conditions
  • executions with proven, certified tightness...
and for any special execution you may require to meet your specific needs, our technical office will get to work to develop it quickly and to full satisfaction.

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