DonadonSDD SU/M sealed units

Model SU/M
Materials Stainless steel
Dimensions from DN 3 to DN 40
Rupture pressure 20 - 1150 bar g (depending on material and diameter)
Tolerance from +/- 5 % to +/- 10%
Operating temperature Up to 480 °C
Operating margin 80%
Vacuum support No
Fragmentation Yes (Without fragmentation in special execution)
Use under valve No
Corrosion resistance Very good
Container Included, direct mounting
PED Certification [CE STAMP] Available

DonadonSDD SU/M sealed units are formed by a threaded connector, formed by two pieces, containing a calibrated rupture disc. The rupture disc is inserted in the threaded and sealed container. These units have been designed to make small disc mounting in plants easy and reliable, to simplify handling without need of specialised personnel.

SU/M sealed units are suitable for use with gases and liquids in cycling and pulsating conditions. SU/M sealed units react to over-pressure in a few milliseconds and are recommended for protection of plants, plant equipment and containers.