Rupture discs, rupture indicators, explosion venting panels: buy the safety products for your industrial plants from the best!


Safety devices such as rupture discs and explosion venting panels are essential for modern, efficient industrial plants.
Let's find out together which ones are ideal for you!
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What information is needed in order to be able to specify the correct disc?

You can download here the RUPTURE DISC FORM that will guide You to collect all the data required, which can be also summarized as below specified:

  • required burst pressure & burst temperature
  • nominal size, flange rating & face finishing
  • disc and holder material
  • vacuum resistance (if requested)
  • Pressure Safety Valve protection (if requested)

There are several other factors as well, so DonadonSDD specialists are always at disposal to specify the correct disc for any application. Each and every rupture disc we design and deliver to our customers is scrupulously custom-built, so as to match the industrial plant's specific and unique needs.

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