Rupture Discs and Industrial Safety Devices
Industrial Safety Device
Rupture Disks and Industrial Safety Devices

Rupture Discs, Explosion Venting Panels and Safety Devices
for Industrial Plants – always custom made


For sixty years now, DonadonSDD has been a synonym for the best custom-made rupture discs for industrial plants, all over the world. DonadonSDD's answer to the need for reliability, precision and safety that all companies have is a vast range of completely custom-made devices for the specific requirements of any single plant, from rupture discs to explosion venting panels.

Our secret? Painstaking attention to detail, impeccable precision in answering requests, actual speed in production and an open eye for the best performing technologies. Each and every rupture disc we design and deliver to our customers is scrupulously custom-built, so as to match the industrial plant's specific and unique needs.

If you want to work with a company which combines an artisan's attention to detail with the most modern production technologies, and entrust them with the manufacturing of all safety devices for your plants, from rupture discs to rupture indicators, you've found the partner you were looking for. Contact us now by clicking here.

Industrial Safety Devices

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