DonadonSDD NS NanoScored series rupture disks

DonadonSDD introduces the new NS NanoScored series Burst Discs, a further development of its breakthrough technology. DonadonSDD has also been awarded both a US patent and an Italian for the innovative NS NanoScored rupture disc manufacturing method.

NS NanoScored series rupture discs are fully metallic and adequate for all applications. The NS Nanoscored rupture disc series includes tension rupture discs (forward acting) like SCD discs and compression discs (reverse buckling) like SCR discs (petals) or Y90 and KRD (opening on circumference).

The new manufacturing technology developed by DonadonSDD allows for rupture discs as follows:

  • Fully metallic (Stainless steel, Nickel, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Tantalum)
  • Full range of diameters from DN 1/2” (15) to DN 36” (900)
  • Absolute reproducibility given that there is no deterioration of tools
  • Resistance to fragmentation even for high rupture pressures
  • Resistance to absolute vacuums without need for supports
  • Characterised by full design flexibility
  • For bursting pressures below 0.5 bar g (7 psi g) also for DN 1”1/2(40)
  • High accuracy at all rupture pressures
  • Reduced rupture tolerance according to customer requirements
  • Suitable for insertion in standard or sanitary (Tri-clamp) disc holders


The new manufacturing technology developed by DonadonSDD allows for the manufacturing of scored rupture disks also with very low thickness materials (basically with every industrially available thickness), ensuring high reliability and strict tolerance. It is therefore possible to extend the range of bursting pressure available to lower bursting pressure than normally available.

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