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Industrial Safety Devices: from Rupture Discs to Explosion Venting Panels, everything your Industry needs

DonadonSDD manufactures and sells high quality safety products and devices for industrial plants: this essentially means rupture discs with matching disc holders, an offer which is completed by accessory products such as rupture indicators, explosion venting panels, and safety valves. It is our core, and only, business, and this level of focus in our efforts – together with the high level of technology we have always implemented, such as the patented state-of-the-art surgery-derived laser devices which we have recently installed for top-precision work – makes it possible for our market offer to include three essential items:
  • extreme production customization, which means never trying to impose standard products on the customer, but working the opposite way and actually redesigning, modifying and developing new tailored solutions every time, so as to guarantee the top-level performance which our customers require;
  • high production speed, which allows us to remain within extremely tight completion times and respect a customer's need for particular urgency in delivery, while of course keeping the same exacting standards for precision;
  • and finally, a market positioning based upon an excellent quality/price ratio, which allows companies to adopt high quality solutions with a reasonable investment – while knowing they can be sure of the reliability we've proven time and time again.

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