Rupture discs, explosion venting panels, safety valves and rupture indicators: Donadon has a full suite of products for the safety of your industrial plant.

DonadonSDD has a full suite of products for the safety of industrial plants, designed for every possible application and under any set of condition. Find out more about our products!

RUPTURE DISCS: designed to burst and protect a plant from excessive pressure, or to avoid a tank being damaged by negative pressure, our suite of rupture discs includes forward and reverse acting models, special discs calibrated for extremely low pressures, ASME approved models and our state-of-the-art, innovative NS NANOSCORED series.

EXPLOSION VENTING PANELS: created to protect industrial plants against explosion hazards, venting panels are available in rectangular or round versions, and can also be built to specific ATEX or counterpressure support specifications.

SAFETY VALVES: designed to protect piping against excessive pressure, these devices are the best possible support for our rupture discs.

RUPTURE INDICATORS: when a rupture disc breaks in a large plant, immediate identification is needed of where the damage occurred. These sensors are designed to be coupled to rupture discs and notify of their bursting, with models for any possible situation and application.

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