DonadonSDD LPD rupture discs

Rupture discs Lpd DonadonSDD
Rupture discs Lpd
Model LPD
Materials Stainless steel, Alloy 201, Alloy 400, Alloy 600, Alloy 625, Alloy C276, Titanium
Membrane PTFE, PFA
Dimensions DN 2"(50) – DN 20”(500)
Rupture pressure 5 - 500 millibar g (depending on material and diameter)
Tolerance from +/- 5 % to +/- 20%
Operating temperature up to 265 °C
Operating margin up to 60%
Vacuum support Available
Fragmentation No (membrane only)
Use under valve Yes
Corrosion resistance Good - can be protected with a PTFE membrane
Linings Yes
Container Mounted between flanges
Rupture sensor Electrical, Magnetic, Inductive, Optical
ATEX EX II 2 GD Certification Available

DonadonSDD LPD model discs are a simple, reliable, accurate and economical solution for applications requiring extremely low pressure protection (positive or negative).
Their primary use is to protect processing and storage tanks, atmospheric vessels and silos with low design pressures, and therefore only able to withstand slight pressures and vacuums, against implosion or rupture.
A specially interesting application is in the protection of biogas digesters.

DonadonSDD LPD rupture discs are flat composite discs formed by four parts:

  • a slotted, perforated metal part
  • a seal membrane (usually in PTFE but also available in many other metallic or non-metallic materials)
  • a protection section
  • a calibration ring with blades to improve membrane rupture

DonadonSDD LPD discs open without fragmentation to prevent product contamination and can be customised to meet a broad range of non-standard specifications and applications.
LPD discs can be designed:

  • for dual pressure and vacuum protection
  • to resist vacuum or counter-pressure conditions
  • complete with a burst detector