The main purpose of rupture discs is to protect the health and safety of individuals, plants, and the environment. Rupture discs are designed and calibrated to immediately open and relieve the excess pressure of equipment at a given value. Rupture discs are safety devices and in many cases the last line of defence, so it is important to ensure that they always work under all circumstances.

For this reason, DonadonSDD presents R.S.T., the streaming system that lets you enter the specially equipped DonadonSDD test area without having to go to the plant. The customer will be able to monitor opening tests on rupture discs live from his/her monitor or watch the video recording.

Continuous dialogue and immediate decisions can be made thanks to the presence of the reference technician.

R.S.T. is a tested, safe and efficient system that provides a solution to current problems related to limited movement, offering savings in travel costs and the highest flexibility.