Dischi Rottura Valvole Sicurezza Impianti Idrogeno

Hydrogen is already widely used as raw material or process gas in a broad range of applications such as, for example, in the chemical industries to produce ammonia or in metallurgical industries where very high temperatures are required.

Hydrogen also plays an important role in achieving carbon neutrality, this is the reason why it is defined as the energy carrier of the future. In fact, it can be used to produce energy, avoiding emissions of harmful substances, or to power means of transport equipped with fuel cell engines.

However, there are numerous factors to take into consideration in hydrogen applications such as: corrosive effect (some metallic materials may be subject to embrittlement and stress corrosion crackling), flammability (hydrogen is reactive and explosive when mixed with oxygen or other oxidizing gases) and pressure increase (caused, for example, by the evaporation of hydrogen in a cryogenic tank).

For this reason, DonadonSDD proposes a specific range of rupture discs for hydrogen: extremely sensitive and precise to the slightest pressure variations; designed with suitable seals to avoid dispersions; available in a wide range of special materials to prevent from the effect of hydrogen embrittlement

Finally, all our burst tests can be verified in the presence of TÜV inspectors or followed directly in streaming via R.S.T. system.